Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry
We offer services specifically for beautifying your teeth. Want the perfect smile? This is where you get it.

Have you ever wondered how all movie stars have perfect teeth? No, they are not hired for their smile, they spend a lot of money to get those perfect teeth. You probably knew this as it is not new information.

Get the perfect smile!
New technology, better materials, and widespread use have made cosmetic dentistry more affordable. Here are some of the procedures we have available (click on the headings to learn more):

Dental Implants
Titanium implants are placed in your jaw and bond with the bone. We then attach a crown that looks like your other teeth. Dental Implants feel and work like real teeth.

Porcelain Veneers
Put a pearly white front on your existing teeth. Veneers will make your teeth even, properly sized and perfectly white.

Invisible Braces
Realign your teeth to where they are supposed to be and do it without anyone knowing. No wires, no metal, and nothing glued to your teeth. Invisalign® makes straight teeth easy and non-invasive.

Teeth Whitening
Even if we take good care of our teeth the actual enamel of our teeth might become stained. We can get your teeth back to the color remember.

Dental Bridges
Bridges are prosthetic appliances that bridge the gaps in your teeth by attaching to adjacent teeth that have crowns on them.

As we lose teeth with age there will be whole sections of teeth missing. These can be covered by partial dentures. If we are missing all our teeth on the top or the bottom we can get full dentures.