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Preventive Dentistry

Prevention is the best way to avoid serious problems. This starts with you! Create a good oral hygiene plan at home. Include in your plan two yearly visits to Dr. Sammy Pak's office in Puyallup, WA. We want to help you avoid cavities, tooth decay, pulled teeth root canals and more. We offer several services to enhance your preventive measures:

More Preventive Dentistry

Our mouths are designed to combat decay. Between salvia and calcium, our mouths can take care of themselves. The problem is sugar. We are eating too much of it! Our diets have changed over the centuries. The helpful bacteria on our teeth love sugar, which changes them from beneficial to damaging.

We are also living longer. Life expectancy has increased to well over 70 years of age, when our teeth are designed to make it through a 40 year life.

Since we don't want to stop eating sugar and we do want to live a long life, we need to take care of our teeth to compensate. Brushing after every meal and a more intense care session before bed (brush, floss & rinse) will make sure our teeth go the distance.

Preventive Dentist

Let Sammy Pak, DDS be part of caring for your teeth. Schedule an appointment with us for your next dental exam. If you are behind in your dental care and need work we can provide restorative dentistry. If you are looking for that perfect smile we can discuss that varying levels of cosmetic dentistry.

Family Dentist

409 2nd ST. NE
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