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Dentures, sometimes referred to as false teeth, are a prosthetic device for missing teeth. Dr. Pak offers two varieties of dentures, partial and full dentures. Dr. Pak can help you determine which form of denture is best for you based on how many natural healthy teeth remain.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are worn when all of the natural teeth are missing in a single arch. This removable prosthesis is made of white plastic teeth in a pink gum-colored plastic base that rests on the remaining gum ridge. Daily life with a upper denture, a lower denture, or both, is a major lifestyle change compared to natural teeth. Dentures will force change in the type of food you are able to eat, it will affect your self-confidence, and even your self-esteem.

Reasons For A Full Denture

•  Restore your ability to chew.
•  Restore your smile to a more natural looking smile.
•  All Teeth are beyond repair or missing in the same arch.
•  Less expensive option to attempting more involved Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dental Implants with Dentures

Upper full dentures are much more doable than a lower full dentures for day to day wear. We suggest using dental implants on your lower jaw to help attach the bottom denture for a significantly more comfortable fit.

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